A digital artwork and photography portfolio by Bas Groothedde.

Haarle Horses '15

By Bas Groothedde on 22 August 2015

On the 22nd of August I went for a walk in a village called Haarle, on the "Sallandse Heuvelrug". During our walk on the heath, I encountered some semi-wild horses. After a while of careful approach whilst not going at them in a direct line and not looking them in their eyes, keeping my head low, they allowed me close by.

After a while, one of the horses actually came towards me. She was investigating me and she thought the camera I was carrying looked funny (I think), as her focus appeared to be on that for a bit.

It was a beautiful experience. The horses there have a beautiful area to live in. They live freely and as it should be. The only thing missing was a hard / rough part of land to help keep the hoofs trimmed, but they appeared to be naturally trimmed by people, so that's okay.